A healthy mind in a healthy body

The balance between mind and body

Finding a personal balance is important, especially when life is busy and schedules get hectic. My philosophy is simple, to provide a comfortable environment that fosters personal connections and awareness as well as a true sense of well being, all tailored to your needs. With specialised pilates mat classes, I endeavour to make you work with your own body, to create a natural relationship between you, your mind and your physical well being.

The Pilates objective is to build a stronger CORE and flexible SPINE. The exercises in Pilates focuses on the whole body so as to improve strength, flexibility, posture and balance. It is based on six main principles: breathing, concentration, centering, control, precision, fluidity of movement.  A stronger core allows you to enjoy and practice other forms of activity with less likelihood of injury. Pilates allows you to connect with your body and provides you with greater awareness of your physical essence.

Please call for a free trail on +33 (0) 614 30 89 85. 

Home classes available. French, English and German spoken. Two Locations in Mougins and Valbonne, France.  

Note: This website is being updated for Oct 2015